"Zara was spotted in the states whilst competing and winning 4 National Belt Titles"

"Zara set 2 Guinness World Records & is the only Brit to be inducted in to the IKK hall of fame"

One of Europes highly revered female Martial Artists , a former 13 x Multi Style World Sports Martial Art Champion, is now one of the UK's most exciting talents - working in Film & TV. 

Zara was actually spotted in the USA whilst she was competing and winning 4 US National Belt Titles at one event. She was hired as an actress and returned to the US for an independent Sci Fi movie, where Zara found the 'actor bug' and retired from International competition to follow and study a continued career as a unique actress, with the looks of a leading lady and the skills that set her apart.
Zara set two Guinness World Record titles and is the only Brit to be honoured and presented with the I.K.K hall of fame, amongst the likes of Bruce Lee, Jhoon Ree, Chuck Norris and Ed Parker to name a few. As well as acting, performing and presenting Zara also finds the time as a successful business woman to run two full time Martial Art academies and business franchise under the Pesonal Best Academy brand. 
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